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As far as raising Monarchs goes, I have been doing this for 4 years. I hadn't thought about writing or recording my work until my bosses Nana, Evelyn heard me talking about it and gained interest. She came to me at the bowling alley that I work at and her grandson owns and said that her church Bible Study group has been talking about birth and life. She had shared with the group that I raise Monarchs and asked me to put together a sheet with some photos on it so she could share them. I took that idea and turned it into a book. We started with a basic 10 page book and now it has evolved to a 20 page book with more facts and photos! 

Another person in the community that has inspired this project is Richard Evans. A few years ago he came into the MRC where I work and raise the monarchs and i had one out on the front desk, he asked if he could raise one at his house and I helped him find one and he was able to do it as well! I showed him my book a year later and he has helped me shape the book with facts and has given me the inspiration to publish it! 

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