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Casie's Biography


Casie works at the Midcoast Recreation Center as the Office Manager. Casie approves and contacts customers who apply for financial assistance and runs the Registration aspect of MRC . Casie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Colby- Sawyer College in New London, NH.  Casie’s hobbies include, playing tennis, raising Monarch’s and candlepin bowling as well as spending time with her family that resides in Thomaston, ME or facetiming her niece, nephew, and twin sister in New Jersey. She has been raising Monarchs for about 4 years at her office at MRC and shares her love for them with all who walk through the doors. She has a habitat set up so that she can raise them from caterpillar to butterfly and then set them free outsdie to make their journey to Mexico. She takes plenty of photos and videos to share the very impressive process that monarch caterpillars go through to turn into beautiful butterflies!

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