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Casie Weaver

Maine's Newest Author

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New Release

A Monarch Grows in Maine 

This book shows a Monarch's lifecycle from caterpillar to Butterfly! You will learn about their yearly journey, the stages they go through, and see beautiful photos of each stage. 

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Our Story

The Midcoast Recreation Center in Rockport, ME has been my place of employment for almost 10 years. One day, one of my co-workers, Eric, was outside on the phone and noticed a caterpillar outside on the milkweed in our beautiful garden. He remembered his mother raising monarch in her classroom and suggested that we do that at the office. 

We started out with a glass mason jar, gauze, and an ace bandage like material that had little holes in it for the caterpillars to breathe and we brought milkweed in and watched our first caterpillar turn into a butterfly. We continued this for the rest of the summer and found more and more containers to house them and raise them in. 

This past year, on my 30th birthday, Eric wrote a beautiful card highlighting his father who build an enclosure for his mother to use in her classroom. His mother had passed away and he thought that I could use the enclosure, so the butterfly raising was passed down to me. 

My co-workers, Eric and Jesse, share in my amusement of raising monarchs and love to take photos and videos of this process. They are both photographers and they have been with me throughout this project. We all enjoy learning from each caterpillars transformation as they are all different. We hope to be able to help keep the monarchs coming and to help their livelyhood here in Maine. 

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